Thursday, 20 March 2014

             The biomass briquette plant is the solitary project that provides the sustainable fuel biomass briquettes at affordable cost. As in the current era, the growing prices of the regular fossil fuels and shortage of these fuels, the people want the renewable and relatively affordable fuel which can be used instead of any fossil fuels.

                Such renewable and cheaper alternative of fossil fuel is biomass briquette which is made through the eco-friendly briquetting plant. The biomass briquette plant is the technology useful for converting the loose biomass waste of agro-crops and forestry in to the high density bio coal briquettes. The briquette-making machines called briquetting press machines are used to manufacture a high graded bio fuel briquette without using any type of binding materials.
briquetting plant India

                The biomass briquetting press machine produces the ideal energy resource briquettes from the agricultural waste like bark, bagasse, bamboo dust, cotton stalk, coir pitch, maize stalks, pine niddles, rice husk, sar khanda grass, coffee husk, groundnut shells, castor seed shells, jute waste, etc. including the forestry waste materials like fallen leaves, sawdust, etc. The briquetting machine applies high pressure on these raw materials and produces a high quality solid bio fuel briquette without any chemicals.

                Therefore, the briquetting plant machines are eco-friendly equipments which provide a high energetic fuel with minimum efforts and in pollution free manner. So, the bio fuel briquettes are available at the lowest cost. The biomass briquettes are suitable for many industrial applications due to its renewable, pollution free and inexpensive features. The most of industries nowadays prefer the use of white coal briquettes instead of oil and black coal. This will results in to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions as there is no ash and greenhouse gas emissions while burning of briquettes.

                So, these facts prove that the biomass briquetting plant provides the eco-friendly energy source called briquettes at very low cost. And these fuel briquettes are used to create healthy and pollution free surroundings, so use these cheaper sustainable fuel briquette instead of any other fuel. 
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