Thursday, 27 March 2014

               Nowadays the people over the world have become more aware in making environment healthier and greener. Due to increasing industrial growth, the potential of waste disposal and gas emissions are also increased day by day. Also, the shortage of the fossil fuels and their rising prices lead to find the eco-friendly, cheaper renewable energy resource.

                To solve all these problems, the biomass briquetting plant technology provides the economical renewable energy source briquettes. The biomass briquettes are the ideal industrial energy resource providing high energy value. The biomass briquettes are the eco-friendly bio fuel used as an energy alternative for the heat and steam application. Such energy fuel briquettes are useful for saving our earth from the industrial greenhouse gas emissions and global warming effects.
eco-friendly briquette plant

With the beginning of such Briquetting press, one can now use the agricultural, industrial and forestry wastes too and then converts them into the useful material that is further used for producing energy. Raw materials such as almond shells, coffee husk, rice husk, bagasse, sawdust, jute waste and other forestry and agro-crop waste materials are used for manufacturing briquettes.

The waste biomass materials are easily converted in to the high graded briquettes without using any type of chemicals using the briquette press machines. The binder less and smoke less production of the briquettes using the eco-friendly briquetting plant machines helps in creating pollution free climate. Also the sustainable briquettes burn without creating emissions of ash and the hazardous gases. So, the environment pollution and waste management problems are easily resolved by the briquette plant project.

The biomass briquetting plant process is biodegradable and convenient, so this technology is growing rapidly in many developing nations. So, this technology is becoming every nation’s need due to its excellent environment friendly features.
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