Saturday, 8 March 2014

                As we all know about the increasing pollution through the industrial wastage and other solid waste from the agricultural activities. To control the pollution and other hazardous effects caused through increasing usage of the fossil fuels, biomass briquette plant is used.

                The biomass briquette plant provides the elevated energy fuel briquettes which can reduce the environment pollution. The briquettes are manufactured using the latest binder less technological briquette press machine.  The briquette press provides the bio fuel briquettes from the raw materials like bagasse (sugar cane), groundnut shells, cotton flowers, sawdust, and other agricultural and forestry waste.

Briquetting plant
 This briquetting plant technology avoids the use of binding chemicals and also does not release smoke and harmful chemicals to the environment. So, the biomass briquetting press is a useful environment friendly technology for the fuel production. And hence the briquette which is the final product of the briquetting plant is the eco-friendly product used in many industrial applications. The following are the advantages of using the biomass briquettes in the industries as well as households:

·         Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
·         Reduction in pollution
·         High energy production
·         Longer burning efficiency
·         Less moisture and ash content, so no harm to environment
·         Easy to use due to fixed shape
·         Renewable and cheaper

The bio fuel briquettes can reduce the boiler cost up to 40 to 60 %. Hence, many industries use the bio coal briquettes instead the black coal and oil. The briquette made from green waste materials are better and cheaper fuel than any other fuels and energy resources. Hence, we can say that the briquetting press machine provides the eco-friendly product which is more beneficial for the manufacturing industries.

So, use the biomass briquetting plant product for heat and energy purpose and contribute towards saving our precious earth from the pollution and other calamities. 
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