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The biomass briquetting plants used to provide the bio coal briquettes which are the non-conventional source of vitality. The cost-effective solid coal briquette is the eco-fuel which substitutes any of the black coals in household & industrial applications. 

Starting a biomass briquette plant project can help in rising renewable sources of energy and in solving fuel deficiency and environment pollution issues.The biomass briquettes are bio fuel substitute of many fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, wood and other fuels which are used in industries. Low energy waste can be distinguished and converted into high energy fuels. The densified fuel has as much high output as other fossil fuels. 
Biomass briquette plant India

Briquetting is a procedure in which agricultural waste is squashed at high pressure to form a solid densified material called biomass briquettes. The major waste products used in the making of briquettes are husk, sawdust, jute waste and other organic materials. Using husk and sawdust in the briquettes can increase the energy content of the briquettes.

Every year millions of garbage release from various industries and agriculture field. So we should know about the bio coal briquetting plant. The bio coal briquetting plant is intermediate to protect environment. But how to use this wastage in an effective way is one of the crucial parts to make briquettes. These briquettes are a renewable source of energy. And made from natural waste so there is no chance of pollution. 

First of all let me introduce what are wood briquettes. These are mostly an economical alternative to firewood logs and charcoal. They are manufactured from seeing dust, highly compressed wood additions and other such industries involved in manufacturing of wood related products. Burning this waste wood material for hours and make briquette which are cylindrical in form. 

We (RADHE Industrial Corporation) offer a best quality and high range of bio coal briquetting machine because it is made with highly advanced and well equipped with technology. Through using such green product briquettes, one can make green surroundings.
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