Friday, 6 June 2014

The biomass briquetting plant is a green technology or an eco-friendly process to improve the characteristics of the biomass devastates as a renewable energy source by densification. This process is environmental friendly and less expensive, so it is a green technology used for building a green economy.

The biomass briquetting plant converts the low bulky biomass residues in to the renewable green bio fuel briquettes in the solid form. The conversion process is nature friendly process as it doesn’t pollute our environment and hence it is known as eco-friendly densification or biomass briquetting process. The use of agricultural and forestry bio residues through the briquetting plant project helps in reducing the total amount of solid waste on this earth surface and also preventing the pollution from different waste materials.

Briquette plant for green economy

The biomass solid crop waste and forestry bio residues having low density are converted in to the uniform shape and fixed volume bio coal briquettes. Due to this unique features, the transportation and storage cost is also be reduced. The briquettes are the cheap energy coal which is made from the non-usable bio waste materials, so the briquettes are the lowest cost energy fuel among all the fossil fuels and energy resources.

The white coal briquettes have the highest energy content and lowest moisture content than any other fuels. Hence, it is the environment approachable way to save energy along with saving money. The biomass briquette press project is the green energy project which uses the low power requirements and labor efforts. Hence, the biomass briquetting machine plant India is cost effective technology which provides the highly economic solution to the industries and power plants.

Therefore, this biomass briquetting press technique is helpful for the reduction in the greenhouse gases, global warming, deforestation, pollution along with the cost saving in manufacturing, transportation and maintenance. So, support the biomass energy briquette plant for creating a green economy.

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