Sunday, 24 November 2013

                  With increase the pollution and quantity of the garbages from the agro and bio waste, we have to think about effective solution that reduce the pollution. One the best solution is to develop the business that is eco-friendly like Briquetting plant manufacturing.

                Biomass briquette, a domestic energy resource is naturally abundant and presents the most promising reusable energy resource. Biomass briquette is the energy concentrated fuel made from low density waste through Briquetting press machine . Briquettes are made from the different wastes and residues like, wood coffee husk, cotton cells, jute sticks, castor sticks, olive pits, Tea waste, jute dust, rice husk, sunflower stalks, forest leaves, etc. Most of bio coals are made from the elements which have high carbonic elements and ash content. But briquettes are  made from the bio waste which generally doesn’t contain any carbonic and sulfuric content.  And briquettes do not create smoke when it burns so is known as binder less technology. So, briquettes are also known as white coal or sawdust briquettes.

                Briquettes produced from  Briquetting plants have high calorific value than  black coal. Briquettes are produced with high mechanical pressure without any binder. Briquettes are made using pollution free technique with minimum power and electricity requirement. Advantages of briquettes that are considerable for being most promising business are:

1)      Briquettes are smokeless biofuel which burns without much smoke during ignition and burning
2)      Minimum ash (approx. 5% of its original weight) produces while burning
3)      Briquettes have a higher calorific value than any other fuel
4)      Briquettes are odorless it means briquette contains minimum evaporative substances that eliminates the possibility of odor.
5)      Less possibility of cracking as compared to other coals
6)      Briquettes have better strength and better quality
7)      Briquettes burns for a longer time, so the burning capacity is very high

Hence, biomass Briquetting plant manufacturing is the most promising business that assures to provide best quality of eco-friendly biofuel briquettes. So we can put briquettes at the top in the category of renewable and pollution free resources.
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