Thursday, 28 November 2013

               Due to increasing the cost of traditional fossil fuel such as coal and lignite and increasing the need of the renewable, pollution free energy resource, people start to focus on the “green” fuel briquettes which is eco-friendly.

                The biomass briquetting machine used for making white coal briquettes which are eco-friendly. Biomass briquettes are more suitable for the customers that is cost effective biofuel than other fossil fuels. The briquetting press machine converts agro and forestry biomass waste into the valuable biofuel for domestic usage as well as industrial usage. The Briquetting plants produce the cylindrical shape briquettes from biomass and agro- forest waste through the briquette press machine.

briquetting plant is the green and eco friendly technology
Biomass briquettes are more economical than any black coal and briquetting plant do not release any chemical or harmful substances while making briquettes. This plant also does not require any substance that works as a binder to combine the raw materials. Due to its immense benefits and advanced features, many industries now prefer to set up briquetting plant. Other properties of briquette plants are easy maintenance and pollution free smokeless usage. Thus, the easy maintenance cost leads to many industries to establish a feasible Briquetting plant.

                These briquettes are used in certain industries to generate heat and power. Many industries like food processing, industries, ceramic and refractory units, metal melting industries, textile units, brick making industries use the briquettes for firing purpose in place of black coals. Biomass briquettes become more demandable because of its pollution free nature and binder less manufacturing technology. Moreover, the briquette manufacturing technology that is Briquetting plant or Briquetting press manufacturing is accepted globally because of its easy to operate and easy to maintain features. So one can avoid operating cost as well as supervising cost for the briquetting plant machineries. Such kind of cost optimized bio fuel briquettes is the contributors towards saving the environment from global warming and greenhouse effects.
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