Sunday, 29 May 2016

Establishment of new industries is no doubt good for any country’s economic growth, but what about its environment. The industries produce different things used for varied purposes and operations to make life easy. At the same time these industries create a lot of pollution not only through the waste material, but also by using high amount of coal for boilers. Biomass briquettes were invented as the alternate coal.
Now the question is, ‘how safe is it to use biomass briquettes instead of coal or lignite?’
Let’s start is with a recent concept waste recycling. What is it? I don’t think I need to go deeper with the concept. Waste recycling has proved effective for industries causing risk by improper dumping of the waste. Through this technique they recycle the waste for other important purposes. One of these is briquette making. This waste recycling technique includes conversion of wooden waste into energy source. This energy sources makes a perfect alternative of coal.

The raw material including wooden waste, agriculture waste and forestry waste is compressed under high pressure in the briquetting plant. This is called a binder less technology, for the briquettes are made without any binder.
This is also called white coal due to the unmatched features not offered by the traditional fuel source. Lignite, coal and wood used in industrial boilers, brick kiln and domestic kitchens cause high pollution in terms of both the harmful gases and residues. This makes clear that from environmental protection point of view, briquetting plants and the briquette logs make an apt replacement for coal.
Biomass briquettes further make renewable energy source, which are economic and non-polluting. These unmatched benefits of the briquettes have resulted into huge demand. This cost saving fuel is equally effective for domestic and industrial purposes.
This also helps farmers add to their earning source. Different machines are available for varied uses. The final products made from these machines don’t emit carbon gas and ensure protection of the environment. Briquette machine manufacturers help the industrialists with different models of the machines. Easy storage and handling, eco-friendly nature, cost effective price and long lasting are some of the features of the briquettes.
You can reach the manufactures of the briquetting machines either by visiting their manufacturing units or through their websites. There are many manufacturers and suppliers having on-line presence to make it easy for the buyers to reach them and find suitable machine.
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