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The investment of biomass briquette plant project is little cost and high return due to its economic and social benefits. So, this briquetting plant project is globally acceptable renewable project. But before investing in this project, you must have examine overall and have full preparation.

Introduction to Biomass Briquetting Plant:

The biomass briquetting plant project is an emerging fuel briquette manufacturing project. The biomass briquette plant in developing nations play important role as it provide the cheap, less harmful and the environment protective bio coal briquettes to the rural peoples. And by using such energy briquetting plant products, we can save energy along with environment and natural energy resources.

Steps to consider while installing briquetting press machines:

First Step:

You should choose the proper site for the plant installation. For the installation of the whole briquetting plant project, 4500 square feet land is required. This area includes raw material storage and finished product storage with briquette machine. The site should also be close to the place from where you get the raw materials easily. This reduces the cost of transporting the raw materials.

Second Step:

After selecting proper site location, you need to select quality and highly efficient briquetting press machines. The briquette making machines should be energy saving, low power consuming, less noisy and easy to install and operate. In the whole briquetting plant project, you need the crusher for the cutting the raw materials, dryer for making raw materials moisture free and the briquetting machines.

The Radhe Industrial Corporation is a professional supplier of the briquetting machines and other press equipments. We provide highly qualitative and competitive briquetting machines.

Third Step:

The training to the briquetting machine operator is necessary. This is very important step. The training to the operators is provided by briquetting plant manufacturer.  With good operating methods, the biomass briquetting machines will have a much improved performance, hence the briquetting plant cost and machine maintenance cost can be reduced.
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