Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The biomass briquette plant offers the renewable energy fuel briquette which is highly integrated form of renewable biomass energy. The briquetting machines are used for making a high density integrated renewable energy fuel from different biomass waste materials.

               The bio fuel briquette manufactured using the biomass briquetting process is the recycled form of bio waste materials from the agro-crops and forestry. Traditionally, the agricultural biomass waste is used for the direct firing and cooking applications in the developing nations. But the direct burning of this bio waste materials offer less calorific energy and pollute air as they produce more ash contents.
Green Briquette Plant Product
              So, the briquetting press project provides the renewable and latest binder less method for making high calorific and low ash content fuel briquettes from such biomass waste materials. To make surroundings clean and green, the briquetting machines make the reuse of the solid waste and convert them into a highly featured bio fuel briquette to conserve our environment. The binder less mechanism included in the briquette machines, so they use only high pressure and heat to produce briquette.

           The biomass briquetting plant is the eco-friendly process to create a renewable energy resource which is also a financially viable. The briquettes are manufactured using the green bio residues which are relatively available in enormous quantity in developing and agricultural based countries. And also, there are various financial subsidies provided by the different governments to the briquette press manufacturer. So, the briquetting plant is a cost-effective and environment saving renewable fuel manufacturing technology.

            The briquettes are highly flammable, biodegradable energy resource used for various energy and electricity generation applications. As the briquette is green bio fuel made using green bio waste materials, so it has all the features of the traditional fossil fuels. So, this white coal briquette can easily replace the wood and other fossil fuels in the home as well as industries. Also the high calorific energy and less emission of ash and greenhouse gases are the main advantages offered by briquettes to the industries.

               So, use the agro-waste briquettes save the environment for future using the biomass briquetting plant technology.
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