Friday, 14 February 2014

                  In the present world of industrial development and cutting edge technologies, the demand for energy resources is more than ever. Due to this rising demands, our precious traditional resources of energy are get vanished and the level of pollution due to the increasing usage of the traditional resources is also increased. This situation is getting complicated than ever as we cannot stop using energy but we cannot ignore the environmental issues also.

biomass briquettes

                To handle such tricky situations, an easy solution is available now known as biomass briquetting plant. The biomass briquette plant is the technology through which the bio fuel briquettes are prepared from the loose density waste materials. The biomass briquette which is made from only compression of agricultural and forestry waste materials in the briquette press machine without adding a single chemical as a binding agent. This type of bio coal briquettes are remarkable alternative to all the fossil fuels. The additional features of briquette that make briquettes more popular as compared to traditional fuels are as follows:

 Ø  Low cost
    Among all of the energy fuels, the biomass briquettes are the cheapest energy fuel. This is because of the easy availability of the raw materials in huge quantity and low investment in the biomass briquetting plant project. So, the use of the biomass briquettes as an alternative to the traditional fuels is affordable to all the industries.

 Ø  Eco- friendly fuel helps in environment saving

     As the name suggests, the fuel briquettes are made from the green biomass waste of agro-forestry, they do not cause any harm to our environment. Also the biomass briquettes burns with less smoke, ash and dust content, hence it is eco-friendly bio fuel. Moreover, they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions and after burning they can be used as fertilizers.

 Ø  Renewable in nature
     The biomass briquettes are renewable energy source made through briquette press. So, it can be used to preserve the renewable energy future.

 Ø  Energy efficient fuel used in many industries

    The briquettes are energy efficient fuel that offers high calorific energy value than any other traditional fuels. So, briquettes are more suitable for the energy applications in the industries and hence it can be used as a replacement of the all the energy fuels.

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