Tuesday, 7 January 2014

              Today, many industries in the developing countries need the solution for the carbon free power generation to stop the pollution. The briquette machine provides the eco-friendly fuel briquettes  having low ash content can be used for worldwide electricity generation.
The biomass briquette plant used for power generation.

The biomass briquette plant is the energy resource manufacturing technology that converts low density biomass waste into a convenient size solid fuel briquette. The fuel briquettes are manufactured from agricultural waste and forestry residues like bagasse, sugar cane, cotton salk, rice husk, coffee husk, cotton flower, groundnut shells, sawdust, pine needles, jute and cumin wastes, forestry leaves etc. With high pressure and temperature, the briquette press machine produces the briquettes in the absence of binding material. It manufactures the high quality and high density bio fuel from the loose biomass waste without making noise and pollution. Hence, biomass briquette plant machines are the fabulous and 100% natural fuel manufacturing technology.

The biomass briquettes are a non conventional source of energy which is a ready substitute of coal and wood in industrial boiler and other thermal energy applications like metal melting, brick kiln, food processing units, lamination and fabrication units, ceramic and textile units etc. The renewable briquette made from the biomass briquette plant machine is a non-polluting and economical fuel replaces all the traditional fuels. Being cellulosic in nature, biomass briquettes can be easily burnt in a boiler without ash formation. Due to easy availability of raw materials, the briquette plant machine manufacturing is very feasible and profitable business to start.

The fuel briquettes produce more energy compared to other fuels without ash and hazardous gas emissions. So, we can say that the briquette plant machine is used to generate carbon-free power generation. In other words, we can say that it is a green energy production plant that is used to save the environment.

“Convert Waste To Valuable Fuel Through Briquetting Machine”
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